EHLfamily: 1962, Banquets & Mr. Tuor

EHL Alumni | 20 Apr, 2016

Conrad Tuor is a name that many professionals in the hotels & restaurants field know - mainly thanks to his famous work "Aide Memoire du Sommelier".

After a five-star career in Switzerland and abroad (such as at the Beau Rivage in Geneva, the Savoy in London, the Lausanne Palace, the Carlton St. Moritz and the Bellevue Palace in Bern), Mr. Tuor joins EHL in 1948 as a service teacher - he introduces practical courses and external Banquets.

During his time at school, Mr. Tuor writes his pocket manual, which will become an industry reference for more than two generations of professionals. Translated into many languages, this book is still a precious treasure for many - here is the proof, an EHL alumni, class of 1973, still carries his book with him.

Here are some tips that can be found in it:

Wine temperature:
Generally, white wine is served chilled but not iced. Red wine is served at room temperature. The best way to give red wine the right temperature is to place it a few hours before serving in the room where it will be consumed – so it acquires the ambient heat. For Bordeaux and Burgundy wines, it is recommended to remove the cap 20 to 30 minutes before serving.

Cooking times for beef:
Chateaubriand - thick slice taken from the middle of the filet, usually serving  2-5 people (15 to 20 minutes cooking time)
Roast beef - roasted bone-in or boneless (40-60 minutes cooking time)
Tournedos - slices cut from beef tenderloin, grilled or fried (5-8 minutes cooking time)

How to clear the table:
Stacking dishes according to their size. Never mix salad plates with others. Silverware and leftovers should be put on a separate plate. Clean goods (bread, butter...) should not be mixed with dirty equipment. Dirty glasses must be cleaned on a tray. It is possibly permitted to carry clean glasses by the base.

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