EHLfamily: 1934, The great depression

EHL Alumni | 25 Feb, 2016

Tourism and the hospitality industry always had an important role in Switzerland. The creation of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne was the answer to an expanding hotel industry from 1875 to 1910 and an increasing need for trained staff in this field. In 1910, the number of establishments in Switzerland had tripled and reached 3,600 hotels (in comparison to about 5,200 today).

The Great Depression of the 30s had a strong impact on the sector. It raised a serious question: What should we do with the young graduates, looking for jobs? 

One can read in the reports of the Alumni Association at the time that their major concern was "the placement of their unemployed colleagues". A strong network is essential in times of crisis and our predecessors had already understood this 90 years ago!

Today, the members of our Alumni Network actively support the recruiting activities of EHL, in a variety of ways. This ensures a high rate of employability for our graduating students.

Meanwhile, our archives show a rather curious and different kind of support during the same time period: The Alumni Association of EHL took part in the National Defense Loan.


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