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EHL Alumni | 3 Feb, 2016

Have you ever wondered why the alumni association of the oldest hotel school in the world was founded, 90 years ago?

It all started in January 1926, while EHL was getting more and more international (30 Swiss students, 15 Germans, 5 Czechs, 6 Swedes, two Danes, one British, one Dutch and one Italian).

The Association was primarily created to respond to alumni’s desire to reconnect after graduating and support each other in the development of their professional life. Of course, different expectations were put forward between young graduates and more senior alumni but they agreed on the necessity to walk hand in hand. A value that is still prominent today.

An interim meeting was held in the presence of W. Müller (EHL 1901) - President, H. Gysler (EHL 1913) - Secretary and O. Schweizer (EHL 1911) - Vice-President. Thanks to ads in professional journals, they were able to retrieve about a hundred addresses of the 1500 former students.

A constituent assembly took place five months later, on Sunday, June 20 1926, in the brand new Veranda of Avenue de Cour. In addition to Müller, Schweizer, Gysler, and many more, the following members also attended:

  • Mr. Butticaz, President of EHL
  • O. Egli, Beau-Rivage Palace Director, in Ouchy
  • E. M. Hurni, Director of the Metropol Hotel in Geneva
  • Mr. E. Bertsch, Director of EHL
  • Capt R., Cully
  • W. Caroni, Locarno
  • P. Grimm, Head of Reception, Beau-Rivage Palace in Ouchy
  • A. Cattini, Owner of Cattini Hotels in Engelberg
  • J. Dester, Terminus Nord-Director, Brussels
  • C. Hornstein, Munich
  • H.-Ad. Wager, Director of the Hotel Gotthard, Zürich
The meeting was followed by a cocktail served by students and a visit of the School. The members were then invited by O. Schweizer, Director of the Hotel Savoy in Ouchy, for a sumptuous meal. The evening ended under the moonlight, on the terrace of the Beau-Rivage Palace in Ouchy.

This Saturday, February 6th, AEHL will gather in Monaco, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of its network. One can note, that nine decades later, the purpose and the reason for its existence are no different: make former classmates see each other again whilst meeting new members and support the younger and elder in their professional life.

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