EHLfamily: 1957, closer Bonds with the Industry

EHL Alumni | 8 Apr, 2016

EHL keeps growing, and the number of students reaches 700 per year, coming from 30 different countries.

To meet the school's educational needs, in 1957, EHL teachers are increasingly involved in the creation of schoolbooks and manuals. These precise and instructive papers contribute to the reputation of EHL and enhance its renown.

At the same time, in the late 1950s, visits to hospitality service companies are integrated in the curriculum. Many professionals and representatives of hotel schools from all over the world come to visit EHL to learn from our expertise. Concrete exchanges with the industry increase significantly!

Today, more than just a creator of education manuals, EHL is a reference in hospitality research, thanks to its close bonds with the industry.

In addition to academic papers published by our researchers and professors, two Chairs have settled on campus: one dedicated to Food & Beverage mandated by the Swiss company Saviva and a second devoted to innovation, mandated by Metro Group - the German retailer and wholesale/cash-and-carry group.

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