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9 Dec, 2016

Understanding the Luxury World: Tesla and Burberry’s Marketing Models

Luxury plays an important role at EHL, as it is not only fully embedded in most of our Bachelor courses but also core to the school’s philosophy of excellence. Therefore,...

9 Dec, 2016

The Experience of Flying Private

The ability to bypass queues at check-in, arrive minutes before departure and have every single request met, are all coveted characteristics of anyone who has ever travelled by...

25 Nov, 2016

Private Jets or The “New Standard” in Air Travel

The topics of luxury, exclusivity and uniqueness have long been discussed by hospitality professionals as points of differentiation that may be vital to success of an hotelier....

18 Nov, 2016

Postcard from my Internship in Bangkok

EHL bachelor student Amanda Chan has spent some time during her 6-month internship in Bangkok, Thailand. Today, she shares her tips for a city primarily appreciated for its...

15 Nov, 2016

Cyber-security: are hotels serious about it?

In today’s connected world, data management has become one of the top priorities of hoteliers. Information about guests preferences, interests, social life and much more is...

14 Nov, 2016

What Luxury Means to the Ones Who Create It

Anyone thinking that the luxury sector is slowly being phased out by the low budget sector or the hoteliers' foe, AirBnb, should start thinking again.  While listening to the...

11 Nov, 2016

Five of the Greatest Movies for Foodies

People interested in learning more about the hospitality industry understand the desire for the finer things in life. We are constantly looking for entertainment that will...

7 Nov, 2016

Personal Messages from Industry Leaders to EHL Students

While attending the Annual Hotel Conference in Manchester this year, I was honoured to interview some of the most influential industry leaders. I have underlined below their

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