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24 Apr, 2017

A glimpse at Budapest’s investment landscape -   Insights from HOTCO

Awarded “Europe’s fastest-expanding tourist destination” by the UNWTO and ranked 25th on Trip Advisor's list of the "World’s best travel destinations”, Hungary and its capital ...

18 Apr, 2017

The Effect Body Language Can Have on Your Life & Career

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that what a person was saying completely contradicted the way they were acting? Or better yet – have you ever been too aware of...

14 Apr, 2017

UBER for Sign Language Interpreters is now at EHL!

This article is the first of a new "Meet our students" series that aims to present some of EHL students' extraordinary life experiences and adventures. Discover Irvan Sutiono's...

5 Apr, 2017

INSIDE LVMH, a day backstage

1000 students at the beginning but only 250 remained. Four EHL students had the honour to be selected to participate in the INSIDE LVMH event that took place in Paris on...

16 Mar, 2017

Postcard from my Internship in Hong Kong

You have first discovered the story of his internship at Marriott International Asia Pacific, Hong Kong on Facebook

“My 6-month internship at the Design Development...

20 Jan, 2017

Postcard from my Internship in Costa Rica

San José, it can really offer you a variety of cultural activities, very good hiking, a wide range of fine restaurants and, of course, a great “Latino” party! Now, if you...

23 Dec, 2016

Postcard from my Internship in Zanzibar

Zanzibar, the legendary “Spice Island”, is a place with endless white sand beaches, transparent lagoons, palm and coconut trees, lush vegetation, spice plantations and tropical...

12 Dec, 2016

Switzerland: A Hospitality Hotspot?

Upon entering the words “Switzerland” and “Hospitality” into the Google search bar, you will be presented with a list of Hospitality Management Schools like École hôtelière de...

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