78 people, 12 departments, 1 event: Fête Finale

EHL Students - Bachelor | 3 Jun, 2016

At EHL, the end of the school academic year is marked by the famous Fête Finale event. It is organized by the (FF) Committee and mainly composed of 3rd year bachelor students. More than a prestigious party it is an opportunity for organizers to learn a great deal during the 6-month preparation.


One only has the chance to be the president of the FF Committee once. It is an important commitment that requires daily attention and dedication to insure the smooth running of the event.

“For many people FF only means cool parties, but for me FF is life. As the leader of such a big event I have learned it is necessary to be charismatic and organized. Managing and motivating all the people involved requires passion and dedication for the job. Most importantly I have realized along the way that organizing a great party is 10 times more rewarding than actually partying.”


An event is nothing without the entertainment. The event team is in charge of identifying the right performers (international DJs), negotiating their availability, managing their transportation and special requests before and during the event.

“Together with my co-head Afrim Beqa, we had so much fun organizing FF Arabian Nights. It definitely required a tremendous amount of work. Throughout the whole process I realized that the great success of the event is specially due to the collaboration of all the different departments, heads, assistants and volunteers; and of course, a great president.”


The F&B team not only has administrative tasks but also many operational challenges. From getting suppliers quotes to making the orders, following up on deliveries, coordinating the set up and finally attending guests during the event.

“I sometimes had to request 15 different quotes from suppliers because we were constantly re-evaluating our needs. Everything had to be perfect and we had to take care of the smallest details like the 3’500 plates used during the event. Of course, it was hard work and a lot of stress, but in the end all came together thanks to a fantastic teamwork.”


In charge of scheduling the heads and assistants on the re-charge points, the head of HR role also involves assessing the needs for extra help (security, bar, etc), finding the resources and allocating them accordingly.

“I honestly cannot believe it is all gone and done. Together with My Co-Head Filipa Castilho, we worked an insane amount of time; most of us had no sleep for 48 hours straight before the event. But we sure had fun moments during the set up and great returns from attendees which claimed it was the best FF so far. The diverse FF team taught me a great deal about organization and teamwork. I encourage all future students to be part of this committee because it is one of the best memories I will take away from EHL.”



The head of Show’s objective is putting together an unforgettable show. The team therefore works on the format, schedule, castings, rehearsals, and of course runs the event on D-day. 

“I have learned that although we can’t always see the workload of the different departments, they have a lot of responsibilities. It is therefore important to always communicate and set reminders to all the people involved. I loved watching my show running on stage. It made me really proud!”


A team of 7 students and 4 chefs takes care of the menu. From exploration, to testing and then preparing the meal, the team guaranties an evening full of flavors and culinary discovery.

“It’s a lot of fun and hard-work, we were every single day for the past 2 weeks in the kitchen doing the preparations. I think this position has been a great opportunity to share my love for cooking with other motivated people in such a cool event.”


The finance department works on organizing the funds, establishing the budget and allocating the funds to the different cost centers.

“My team consisted of Clementine Fauchery, Samuel Max, and myself. We received a great deal of support from Mr. Johann Ripper in the rent overall budgeting for the Fete Finale.
The amount I learned in one year is just amazing! I had to become extremely organized in a short period of time. I learned to accept my mistakes and keep on running. I learned how to communicate with my team and how not to. In the end the most complicated part was staying on top of everything, but I think we managed and we created something really special.”


The event assistant holds logistic responsibilities related to security and decoration. From setting up the carpets to unloading the trucks, it is the liaison between the EHL team and the logistics company.

“I wished it lasted longer. My first FF was really impressive to see! We completely transformed the atmosphere of our school for just one night. I was present as much as possible throughout the preparation so it allowed me to oversee the entire organization. It was important for me to absorb every detail from every person at every moment to get inspired for the next FF, which I will preside.”


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