7 things about EHL students your boss wants to know

EHL Editorial Team | 8 Jul, 2016

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According to an article recently published by the WEF, employers are looking for people who have strong verbal skills. More than just speaking well, our graduates have many other talents that will help you take your business a step further.

1. They are multicultural & multilingual

Should you have clients living in Malaysia and need somebody to understand their culture, our students come from 107 different nationalities, ranging from Switzerland to Fiji. Most of them grew up in an international environment. Therefore, almost naturally, they are more adaptable and better able to deal with a large variety of viewpoints.

One third of EHL students speak 4 languages or more. About 10% speak 5 languages even! Finding a Hungarian and Mandarin speaker amongst our graduates is not an impossible challenge.

2 . They know how to connect with people

Most of our students have traveled extensively and attended international schools; even before EHL, they have built a wide and diverse personal network. They are used to getting along with complete strangers and know how to make them feel comfortable.Thanks to their hospitality education and experience they are able to understand their clients’ needs and build trust. They sense what the client is looking for even before being asked.

3. They have the “Gentleman” (and Gentlewoman) attitude

EHL students are educated to take care of their physical appearance and style, thanks to the strict dress code on campus. Their EHL studies give them ample opportunities for being "on-stage", deliver presentations to large audiences or handle VIP clients. As a result, they impress with their strong personal presence, well-spoken and confident.

They understand that business and personal success is build on serving others and are therefore generous with their time, knowledge, and resources.

4. They are flexible & well organized

Students must juggle group work and personal projects during their studies, which prepares them to be organized and good multitaskers.

Changes in plans are not a problem – even if a task looks impossible their “Let’s do it now” attitude can do miracles.

5. They are used to tight deadlines and long hours

Even the majority of first-year students have work experience in the hospitality industry. They know that going home only happens when everybody is done.

They are not afraid of pitching in a bit extra to make the project perfect because they know how important teamwork is to the success of the group.

6. They are good with numbers but creative

At EHL, courses range from digital marketing to finance to real estate management, with many case studies and real life applications, which give students strong analytical skills, without getting bogged down in too much theory.

At ease with technology, they show a great deal of curiosity about many things – With over 30 committees on campus, students are able to share their extracurricular talents with their fellow classmates.

The mix of cultures and activities often generates many unusual solutions to the challenge at hand. 

7 .They are passionate about hospitality

If being eager to learn is a requirement to join EHL, students' passion for hospitality goes beyond the classroom. Most invest their free time in charity activities, in organising events or in planning their future hospitality start-up.

Finally, after a few months in Switzerland, they become very punctual…like a Swiss watch!

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