4 Innovation Blogs all Hospitality Professionals Should Follow

EHL Editorial Team | 26 Sep, 2016

The hospitality industry faces disruption from all angles. Informing yourself to creatively make the most of new trends and reinventing your offer has become essential, as protecting the status quo is no longer an option for modern hospitality professionals.

By following opinion leaders, you can stay in the know, adapt quickly to the latest changes, and be seen as a desirable candidate for the hottest jobs. Here are 5 of our favorite blogs to follow.

Idea Champions' founder Mitch Ditkoff was named a Top 5 Speaker on Innovation by Speakers Platform. Ditkoff's blog and published books focus on the intersection between business, innovation, and storytelling. This blog highlights awesome ideas and innovations from all industries.

The Idea Champions blog is divided into categories for leadership training, team building, innovation, and creative thinking. Its values of creativity, innovation, collaboration, and extraordinary service closely follow the values of the hospitality industry. Key takeaways for hoteliers include creating safe environments for innovation, finding ways to humanize the workplace and connect with guests, and increasing the effectiveness of follow-through on the job.

While the Hotel Owner blog is geared toward independent hoteliers who want to succeed, you can benefit greatly from regular visits to the site. Just five years old, Hotel Owner itself was launched during the recent cycle of disruptions in the travel industry. It provided information from the trenches, so to speak.

You may wish to sign up for the Daily Briefing email, which summarizes "need to know" takeaways and breaking news for the hospitality sector. Hotel Owner's Tech Talk column spotlights innovations in hospitality and its Editor's Blog provides monthly "food for thought." Topics discussed on Hotel Owner include AirBnB, OTAs, and market statistics and forecasts. This blog is based in the UK and takes a UK-centric approach to hospitality, although it regularly covers issues from around Europe.

TripAdvisor Insights, the travel giant's blog geared toward business owners, bills itself the "essential hospitality marketing resource." Much of the content focuses on how hoteliers can get the most out of TripAdvisor, which is an important resource for global travelers. What's most of interest are the case studies, behind-the-scenes tips and tricks, and actionable tutorials.

Hoteliers can learn how to showcase their property through adapted visuals, how to use customer reviews to boost guest engagement, how to best connect with global travelers from different cultures, how to increase bookings through TripAdvisor, and more.

The American Express blog, OPEN Forum, promises "Insights, Inspiration, and Connections to Grow Your Business." It's a great platform for hospitality professionals to delve into issues facing startups, small businesses, and established brands, even though the blog itself does not have a hospitality focus.

OPEN Forum focuses on marketing, customer relations, digital tools, leadership, customer retention, team building, advertising strategies, and other relevant topics. Its contributors are established thought leaders in their respective fields. You can therefore get exposed to a broad range of leading thinkers and small business owners and may find new innovators to follow on social media by reviewing this blog. 

Whether you are a hospitality student or professional, taking the time to read top innovation and hospitality blogs on a regular basis, will help you understand how hospitality concepts taught in the classroom play out in the real world, how global trends and shifts affect the market, and how other hotel leaders are grappling with technology and disruption.

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